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S P A C I A L   D E S I G N S ,   I N C .                                                                                               Since 1993
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 S P A C I A L   D E S I G N S ,   I N C .                   
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 N E W   Y O R K                                                                                                                        S O U T H   F L O R I D A                                                                                              D E V O N   U K
The Client links in this section are only a partial representation of
Spacial Design's client history.
Any of our clients that have not been included are not less important.  Spacial Designs hope that these clients
understand that their project exclusion was only due to space restraints and not the lack of passion for the design.
Out of respect for our residential client's privacy,
Spacial Designs have not included their names nor locations.
USA:     New York     Florida     California     Connecticut     
Massachusetts     New Hampshire     New Jersey     Texas   
Delaware     Missouri     North Carolina    
EUROPE:     Belarus     Ireland     England     Sweden     
Netherlands     Spain     Germany     Denmark     France   
ASIA:     China              AUSTRALIA:  Sydney   
Successfully completed projects in:
Our goal is to make each client a client for life.