S P A C I A L   D E S I G N S ,   I N C .                   
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S P A C I A L   D E S I G N S ,   I N C .                                                                                               Since 1993
 Interior Design                                            Architecture                                          Project Management                                          Space Planning
 P r o f i l e
Mark is an Architect who started his career
with the world renowned architectural firm of
Philip Johnson & John Burgee Architects,
where he advanced from Junior Architect to
Project Architect. After spending 8 years with  
Philip Johnson, he joined the office of Marcel
Breuer Associates, as a Senior Project
Architect.  Mark achieved prominence
within the profession and  joined forces with
Erin Kehoe in 1993 to form Spacial Designs Inc.  
About Mark Goodman, Architect
About Erin Kehoe, Interior Designer
S P A C I A L   D E S I G N S ,   I N C's  goal is to bring creativity, enthusiasm, professionalism, the love of Interior Design & Architecture to each
of our projects and to make each client a client for life.  The collaboration of the client and our team drives the success of each project.  
Each project is designed and overseen from conception through completion by either Erin Kehoe, Interior Designer and/ or
Mark Goodman, Architect and are teamed with Landscape Architects, Engineers, Expediters and any required specialty consultants.  
Delivering excellence to our clients.  Our mission is to earn the right to be called their trusted advisor.  S P A C I A L   D E S I G N S ,   I N C .
will bring a fresh and innovative approach to each project and develop creative solutions appropriate for each client.  
Erin's career began at Goldman Sachs, as a Junior
Interior Designer, where she gained  insight and the
experience in large scale Corporate Design.  Erin's
position at Goldman Sachs was advantageous in
her obtaining an Interior Design position for the
nationally ranked design firm, SCR Design
Organization.  Erin's past experience and knowledge
gave her the incentive to create Spacial Designs
Inc. with Mark Goodman.
Our Mission Statement