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S P A C I A L   D E S I G N S ,   I N C .                                                                                               Since 1993
Interior Design                                             Architecture                                           Project Management                                        Space Planning
S P A C I A L   D E S I G N S ,   I N C .              
E r i n   K e h o e   5 1 6   6 1 0 - 5 6 0 7
A r c h i t e c t u r a l   /   I n t e r i o r   D e s i g n   F i r m   o f f e r i n g   o u r   c l i e n t s
complete attention to detail from design conception through your move-in
N E W   Y O R K                                                                                                                        S O U T H   F L O R I D A                                                                                               D E V O N   U K
Master Planning
Commercial, Retail & Residential Design
Base Building Renovation       

Construction Services
Construction Drawings & Specifications
Negotiation & Bidding Administration
Coordination of Engineering Services
Coordination of Technical Consultants
Project Administration

ADA Services
Evaluation of Existing
Recommendations for Compliance
Architectural Design Services
Project Administration
Signage Programs
Interior Design
Corporate Interiors
Urban Residential
Single Family Residential
Hospitality and Conference Interiors
Retail Interiors
Restaurant Interiors
Fine Art and Planting Programs
Signage programs
Art programs

Space Analysis
Building Evaluation
Pre-lease Feasibility Studies
Lease and Work Letter Review
Tenant Area Calculations
Plan Books
Facilities Planning
Space Programming
Space Planning and Utilization Studies
Cost Estimation
Office Furniture and Building Standards
Project Administration
Relocation Management Services
Interface with IT Staff
Set up Voice & Data Communications
Develop Bids to Select Movers
Coordination of Physical Relocation
Post-Move Coordination